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    A large scrapbook of pictures and documents relating to the founding and early days of Sharon School - collected and provided by Marvyn Hatchuel. Please post your comments to the ZJC group on Facebook -  https://www.facebook.com/groups/zimjewishcommunity/

    The school was built on the grounds of the Harare (Salisbury) Hebrew Congregation Community Center, Lezard Ave.

    The PDF files are in three sections. Some of the files are several megabytes and may take time to load. Please respect the copyright and do not distribute without permission:

    Part 1

    Pictures of the early founders of the school
    Harold Gollop, Marvyn Hatchuel, Selwyn Lurie, Vera Todes, Aliza Hatchuel, Boris Kass, Boris Anolick, Bernard Salkind

    Badge and First KG class 1961

    Minutes of Salisbury Jewish Day School Committee - 1961 

    Salisbury Mayoress visit to Sharon School

    Minutes of Syllabus sub-committee 1963

    Sharon School brochure

    Sharon School story on the ZJC website

    Two Africans join white school

    Series of pictures in early 1960s including visit by Ian Smith

    Part 2

    Large selection of photos showing students, teachers and parents until the 1970s

    Pictures of students and teachers from the early 1970s

    Pictures and newspaper cuttings from 1970s

    Part 3

    Dedication of the new Salisbury Hebrew Congregation Synagogue at Lezard Ave Community Centre - 1977

    Newspaper report on the opening of the new Synagogue

    Articles and pictures from the late 1970s

    Concert and Prize Giving 1977

    Concert and Prize Giving 1978 plus an assortment of pictures

    Pictures and various items showing school activities in the early 1980s

    With grateful thanks to Marvyn Hatchuel for collecting and making these records available for the community.
    Scanning and editing of this material - Dave Bloom

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