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ZJC Project Presentation
In this video Dave Bloom describes in a webinar conference called Community History Online (CHOL) held 11th August 2021, the work done to preserve the story of the ZJC.. Learn More...

A brief history of the ZJC
Watch this recording of a presentation given to a Synagogue in Toronto on 1st August 2021 - on the history of the Zimbabwe and Zambian Jewish Communities.. Learn More...

Geolocation of ZJC homes in Harare and Bulawayo
A new project has been launched to map the homes of former ZJC homes in Harare and Bulawayo. Please use the link on the page to an online form to add your own details.. Learn More...

Latest Warren Hills tombstones - 28th June 2021
See images of the latest Warren Hills tombstones and members of the HHC at the consecration.. Learn More...

ZJC Reunion 13th June 2021
Over 300 people registered for the Ndaba and you can see a full recording of the event on this page.. Learn More...

An African Trading Empire
Dec 13 2019 - A new page on the site with text from the first chapter of this fascinating book recording the story of the Susman brothers and Wulfsohn who created a farming and commercial empire in Southern Africa.. Learn More...

Additional Ketuboth added
December 2016 - ZJC has gratefully received from Colin Gordon some missing Ketuboth from the period 1956-1959 which have now been added to the website. . Learn More...

Audio Visual biographies
December 2016 - ZJC is pleased to publish a number of audio visual biographies of former members of the community.. Learn More...

Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation committees
July 6, 2016 - We have added two comprehensive documents prepared by David Gelfand and listing a) the numerous committees of the Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation going back to 1923. b) a list of all the Presidents of the Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation going back to 1894.. Learn More...

Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation - full copy
June 2016 - Pleased to advise that Paul Bernstein has scanned the full Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation Centenary magazine published in 1994. It is now available on the ZJC website. Many many thanks to Paul for all his efforts and contribution in digitizing this material and preserving it for us all. There is a summary of the contents of each section. See the material here.. Learn More...

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Kadoma (Gatooma) Cemetery

Click on camera where photo of tombstone is available. Your browser may reduce the size of the picture automatically and then you can click on the photo's bottom right corner to enlarge. Please write to ZJC if you want a higher resolution photo.

Source: Jonah Sherman and Peter Sternberg. Photos by Benny Leon of Harare.

Surname First Name Date of Burial Date of Birth Grave No. Description Photo 
Almeleh Samuel 19181030 1896c 160
Behrens Harold 19410228 1885c 650
Burke Hilda 19770517 1908c 1572
Burke Joseph 19580210 1897c 1126
Burke Lesley Anne 19720826 1942c 1510
Char Isador 19360912 1884c 493 no tombstone
Chimowitz Flora 19720709 1887c 1506
Chimowitz Louis Elias 19340327 1881c 414
Chimowitz May 19200525 1914c 180 no tombstone
Chimowitz Solomon 19480315 1883c 818
Es So Marke

D Never Had

Tombstones Erected

# Grav re never defined
Ferera (Baby Of Jack Ferera) 19380827 568 Stillborn; no tombstone
Ferera Abraham 1931 353 lived 3 hours; no tombstone
Ferera Rosemary 19390718 193903c 595 no tombstone
Franco Joseph 19391204 1913c 615
Franco Sara 19280204 192709c 289 no tombstone
Hasson (Infant Daughter Of R. Hasson) 19250501 19250319c 247 no tombstone
Hasson Abraham 19330406 385 lived 2 hours
Hasson Asher 19280923 1907c 302 no tombstone
Hasson Jacob Reuben 19700919 1906c 1467
Hoffman Anna 19211122 1842c 197
Hoffman Lezar 19220206 1845c 200 no tombstone
Hossy Mark Rowland 19541224 195409c 1007 no tombstone
Kab Hyman Aaron 19241017 1893c 236 no tombstone
Leon Jacky 19610705
Leon Haim Jacob (Giacomo) 19440511 1902c 729
Lewis Lionel 19200411 1914c 177 no tombstone
Lipschitz Herman 19131104 1875c 63
Malkow (Baby) 19480219 817 Stillborn; no tombstone
Menashe (Baby) 193705 519
Parris Simon 19540820 1893c 996
Pilossof Ester 19430416 1897c 709
Pogrund Benjamin 19650803 1901c 1329
Pogrund Bertie (F) 19361025 193606c 498 no tombstone
Pogrund Rebecca Chaya 19800314 1905c 1579
Rosenberg Isaac 19360323 1877c 475
Sacke Herman Charin 19100718 1854c 9
Schattil Jacob 19610118 1891c 1215
Seider Isaac 19210618 1897c 189
Sternberg Irmgard 19860826 1912c 1597
Sternberg Robert 19920910 1904c 1598
Valentine Amelia Victoria 19350130 1860c 437




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