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Harare Pioneer St Intro
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    Pioneer St Cemetery - Harare 

    Page Updated Jan 2005 

     The first recorded Jewish Grave at the Pioneer St Cemetery in Harare is dated 1901.

    The cemetery is located on Pioneer St at the foot of Harare's Kopje (Afrikaans name for hill) an unusual hill which sticks out of the surrounding landscape rather abruptly. According to legend the Kopje was mistaken by the first white settlers who were supposed to head for another hill called Mount Hampden some 15 kms north west of the current kopje and make camp there. This error in navigation led to the town of Salisbury (now Harare) to grow up around the Kopje which also acted as a natural lookout and provide the advantage of a natural fortress in case of a threat. For links to other sites describing the early days of Salisbury which was later to become Harare go here  

    The cemetery pages listed on the left Pioneer One - Five have been created in lots of 100 graves and listed by consecutive number. The pages Tombstones A-Z are alphabetical listings of the tombstone photographs taken by Benny Leon of Harare in December 2004. ZJC is grateful to Benny for his work in providing these important records. There are a small number of graves that have been damaged and/or the headstones are missing or the lettering is very difficult to read clearly.

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    To see how Pioneer St looked in 1892 - click here

    Below is a picture of Manica Rd in 1915 (source - unknown)

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