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    Paul Family

                           The Paul Family of Que Que

    Abraham Paul

    (Abram Leib Pinchusovitz Pol)

    He came from Viesvenai,  (it was known as Vyshvyany) Lithuania, which is about 7 kilometers from Teltz, to South Africa in about 1907 or 1908. He came to Que Que in 1911 and was the baker on the Globe and Phoenix mine. Later they came into the town where he opened a small shop in front of his home. The home was very different to a modern home as there was a door leading off from the shop into the part that the family lived in. There was a courtyard at the back of the kitchen and at the back of that was the toilet. Abraham laid the corner stone of the Que Que synagogue. He died on the 5.8.1953 and is buried in the small Jewish cemetery there.


    He was married to:

    Chaih Chinn

    (Chaje Chazkelevna)  (See the Chinn family tree)

    She was a very short woman (under 5 foot) who held everyone under her thumb including all the town inspectors who were sent to tell her to get rid of her chickens and her cow that she kept in her courtyard. She only spoke Yiddish and would curse them until they left her and her animals. It seems that she understood English as her children didn’t speak Yiddish but they could understand it and knew some expressions. She even taught her cook Yiddish and there were certain foods that only she made: perogen, noodles and a delicious curried fish with apricot jam. Here is her recipe:

    Curried Fish

    Fry fish as usual. Allow to cool.

    Boil 1 cup vinegar

            1 and a half cups water

    Mix 1 tablespoon curry powder

            Half tablespoon cornflour

            2 tablespoons sugar

             salt and pepper

    Add 2 tablespoons Apricot jam

            1 tablespoon Fruit chutney

             Few bayleaves and peppercorns

    Add all of this to vinegar/water and simmer all together until mixture thickens slightly. A few raisons can be added to curry mixture while it is simmering.

    Layer fried fish and sliced raw onion in a dish with a lid. Pour curry mixture over the fish and leave in the fridge for several days before eating.


    She had a huge collection of shoes, some of which were too tight. She was terrified of mice and would climb up on a chair if she saw one.

    She died on the 14.7.1954 and is buried next to her husband.


    They had 6 children:

    1. Rebecca (Rifka)(born 6.4.1899) who was called Bex was born in Viesvenai, Lithuania. She married Samuel Baldachin (born 1895, died 1941) on the 25.11.1925. (Here is the Baldachin connection.) They lived for many years on the Tiger Reef Mine until his death from bowel cancer and then Bex moved into Que Que where she continued running the small sweet and fruit shop that her father had started. She remained living in the house behind it until she moved to Savyon Lodge in Bulawayo. She is buried in the Jewish section of the cemetery there.

    They had 4 children:

      1. David Thomas (born 27.11.1927- died 15.10.1993.) married Petra Quilina Steyn (born 5.4.1935) on the 21.10.1960.They had 2 children,

    a. Linda Anne (born 14.12.1962) in Zomba, Malawi. She married Gustav Meyer in 1982 with whom she had 3 children: Quintin Ashley (born 26.4.1984), Chantal Leanne (born 26.8.1986) and Edwin Scott (born 22.1.1988). They divorced and Linda married Alan James Strickland Dunlop (born 17.10.1940) on the 30.11.1991. He adopted the children and they have a daughter called Nicole Abigail (born 6.1.1998). They live in Pretoria, South Africa.

    b.      Michael Anthony (born 17.10.1964) was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and in November 1997 he married Helen van Niekerk (born 18.2.1966). They have 2 children, David John (born 2.2.2000) and Danielle Rose (born 12.11.2002).

                                     They live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

      1. Dora, (Cissy) (born 9.10.28) married Derrick Candy (1926-1982) in June 1947. She studied at the Convent School in Bulawayo and wrote her Cambridge certificate at the age of 15. For many years she worked as a medical secretary in Que Que and then in South Africa. In 1993 she married John Dunkley and they live in a retirement village in Pinetown near Durban. Dora has 4 children:

    a. Lesley (born 15.12.1948) is married to David Morgan and they have 2 children, Kirsten (born 4.12.1981) and Natalie (born 11.4.1985). They live in Barbeton, South Africa and Lesley teaches Maths and assists her husband who is a Methodist Minister.

    b. Errol (born 2.8.1950) is married to Susan Blair and is a Neuro-radiologist in Dallas, Texas.

    c. Gregory (born 13.9.1955) is married to Susan Grant and they have 2 children, Derek (born 11.3.1986) and Frances (born 10.4.1988). Greg is a pharmacist with a drug store on Vancouver Island.

    d. Grant (born 1.2.1960) married Kim Nicholson whom he divorced and his 2 children Calvin (born 14.4.1987) and Devon (born 13.12.1988) live with him in Vancouver. He is a mechanical engineer.


      1. Paula (born 12.1.31) lives in the Glendale home for the Mentally Retarded in Cape Town. Her cousin Stephen often visits her and a relation from the Chinn family, Sandra Meyers, lives there as well.

     See the Chinn tree.

    D.     Michael Anthony (he died as a baby).


       2. Marie was born in Viesvenai Lithuania 6.2.? We think that it must have been about 1901 or 1902 but she never told anyone the true date. She married Albert Johannes (A.J.) Liebenberg (born 22.3.1906 – died 8.10.1983) on the 1.5.36. They lived for many years in Que Que and in Umyati where he worked for the electricity company. He was not welcome in the Paul home and the children would visit their grandparents with Marie for Sunday lunch. She made the most fantastic marmalades and could sew and embroider very well. A.J. had a pith helmet that he always wore that is now in his son John’s home. In the late 60’s he still had a car that needed cranking and he dislocated his shoulder in the process.

    They had 2 children:

    A. Jennifer (born 14.1.38) married Mike Campbell on the 17.12.1960. She has lived all her life in Que Que and has taught Biology to the youth of that town for over 45 years. They are leaving this month, August 2004, as the situation has become impossible. She was our last link to Zimbabwe and it is very sad that all we have left there now are graves and wonderful memories. They have 2 daughters:

    a. Sandra (born 13.4.1966) married Alistair and has 2 children, Kendall (1994) and Cameron (1997). They now live in England.

    b. Robyn (born 25.1.68) is married to Peter Black. They have 2 children, Sean (1992) and Kelsey (1994) and live in Pretoria.


    B. Albert John (born 16.8.1940) married Alison Constance Amos on the 27.4.1974 and they have 3 children,

                            a. Constance Jane (born 24.10.1974) is an Environmental Health Officer and is about to marry Dave on the 6.11.2004.

                            b. Adam John (born 18.11.1976) is a Mining Engineer.

    c. Sara Louise (born 16.12.1977) married Paul on the 1.3.2003 and they have a daughter, Bethany (2001) and a son Jackson John Miller (born 7.8.2004). They live in Perth, Australia and Sara is a Chiropractic Assistant.


        3. Dora was born in about 1905 and died at about the age of 20 from Meningitis.


        4. Alec (born 8.5.1907) and married May Shapiro (born 19.5.1915) on the 25.9.1938. They lived in North End in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and then moved to Zambia where he worked for the post office then later they moved to Sea Point, Cape Town. They had 2 children:

    A. Alyson (born 25.10.1939) married Mike Kessel (28.3.1936) on the 26.12.1960. They lived for many years in San Diego and have now returned to South Africa. They have 2 children:

    a. Shawn (Shlomo) (born 11.8.1962) married Rachael Bliostien (born 26.7.1996) on the 9.5.1985. They have 4 children, Michal (born 15.8.1988), Elisheva (born 24.10.1989), Ayelet (born 9.12.1993) and Eithan (born 6.3.2000) and they now live in Afula.

    b. Jonathan (born 23.7.1965) is married to Patty. They live in San Diego.

     B. Steven (born 3.9.1944) was married to Brenda whom he later divorced. He and Barbara are now together and are very involved with Jewish and Israeli interests. They live in Sea Point, Cape Town and Steve is involved in the shipping business. He has helped many South Africans send their household items to Israel.

        5. Mabel (Bones) (born 5.4.1909) in South Africa and at about the age of 2 came to live in Que Que. She married Joseph Ginsberg (born 15.10.1894 in London) on the 28.1.1952. He came to live in Zimbabwe in the 1920’s and had his own business as a real estate agent in Bulawayo. He was married previously and had 2 children: Faye who married David Salomon and who has 3 children, Leonie, Eric and Caryl and a son Louis who married Shirley and they had 2 children, Claire and Keven. Mabel was an excellent bowler and played twice in the Rhodesian team in South Africa.

    When Joe died on the 28.11.1983 she came to live with her daughter in Israel. He is buried in the Jewish section of the Bulawayo cemetery. Mabel baked biscuits and cakes for the kibbutz clubhouse for 11 years until her death on the 9.2.1992 (after the first heavy snow storm that had occurred in Israel in 50 years). She is buried in the cemetery of the kibbutz overlooking the Sea of Galilee.

    She had 1 daughter:

    A. Anita (born 2.4.1953 in Bulawayo). Anita came to live in Israel in 1971 and married Ariel Habib on the 2.6.1977. They have 4 children:

    a.       Ayal (born 13.10.1979) has completed his army service as a tank driver, spent time in the States and in India and at present is working as a life guard in the swimming pool on Kibbutz Maagan.

    b.      Dani (born 24.11.1981) was also a tank driver in the army and worked in the cow-sheds for 6 months after his army release. He is working in the Kibbutz Guest House at present and is hoping to travel overseas soon.

    c.       Shimon (born 26.8.1984) is serving in the army as an “Excelling Sportsman”. This means that he gets time to practice in his sport, which is shooting, and to go to all the competitions that he is sent to overseas. He is in the Israeli Junior team and has been to Germany and Luxembourg many times as well as to Finland, Holland, Sweden, Hungry, Greece and the Czech Republic.

    d.      Michaelle (born 25.9.1986) has just finished high school and is working in a petrol station near the kibbutz until her army service in December. She visited Zimbabwe with her Mom in 1998 and was taken to all the places that Anita grew up in.

    They live on Kibbutz Alumot which overlooks the Kinneret lake, the Jordan river and is opposite the Golan Heights. Ariel works as a travel agent in Tiberius and Anita works with babies on Kibbutz Shaar Ha Golan.

       6. Miriam (Babs) (born 18.5.1916 in Que Que) married Stanley Jones (born 1.5.1916) on the 5.7.1940. She was very active in the Jewish community in Harare and as strong Zionists they came to live in Israel in 1967. They lived in the Dan region as Stanley worked for the Peltours company in Tel Aviv. After many years they moved to Kibbutz Ein Hashofet where their son Avi lived and their youngest son Shimon studied. Stan worked in the book keeping office of the kibbutz and she taught in the high school and later drove the bus for the elderly members. Stanley died suddenly in his sleep on the 2.6.1994 (just before his grandson Noam’s wedding) and is buried in the Kibbutz cemetery. Babs died after a very tough illness on the 23.3.2000 and is buried next to Stan.

    They had 3 sons:

    A. Avi (Adrian) (born 14.6.1943) came to study in Israel and settled on Kibbutz Ein Hashofet where he changed his surname to Gonen. He married Talmah Cohen (born 5.9.40) on the 3.9.1964 and they had 3 children:

    a. Yael (born 14.3.1965) and at present is living in London.

    b. Noam (born 24.7.1967) and married Sharon (born 20.8.69) on the 5.6.94. They have 2 sons, Elad (born 28.4.97) and Roi (born 9.11.99) and live on Kibbutz Ein Hashofet.

    c. Yaron (born 29.5.1971) married Keri (born 29.8.70 in Fairfax Virginia) on the 30.5.1999 and they have a son Sean (born 2.8.2002). They live in the States.

    Avi and Talmah divorced and he is now married to Alyssa Zawel (born 8.10.1962) from New York and they have 2 children:

    d. Sheli (born 28.9.1996)

    e. Moore (born 17.9.2001)

    B. Barry (born 30.7.1945) married to Annemarie Weder (born 27.4.1947) on the 6.8.1976. They have 2 children:

    a. Daniel (born 29.6.1977)

    b. Yehudit (born 25.5.1982)

    They live in Zurich, Switzerland and Barry works for the Bayer company. Annemarie speaks at least 6 languages and was working in the factory on Kibbutz Gan Smuel when Barry met her. They married on the kibbutz and Daniel was born there. Soon after that they moved to Zurich where her family live.

      C. Shimon (Simon) (born  9.11.1957) married Robyn (born 15.12.1956) on the 22.6.1982. He to changed his surname to Gonen. They have 2 children:

    a. Elana  (born 6.12.1982)           

    b.Yaakov (Jake) (born 10.8.87)

    They live in a gorgeous home in San Diego, California where Shimon works in the computer field and Robyn is a nurse.


    All the Paul daughters became deaf in one ear in later life, if I’m not mistaken it was the right ear, and all needed hearing aids. Alec needed one from a younger age. There was a huge similarity between the sisters as they grew elderly and they resembled their cousins from the Chinn family. They were all very active all their lives and all died in their 80’s. Some of their daughters have Rh- blood and other than that they were a pretty healthy bunch!

     If anyone wants to add details or ask anything please contact me:

    Anita Habib,

    Kibbutz Alumot,

    Lower Galilee,



    Or at e-mail arielj@kalumot.co.il or if you are in my hotmail mailing list you can contact me at anitahabib@hotmail.com

    Phone after 17.00 to 04-6653482 or cell phone 050-6650880.


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