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    The copies of the marriage certificates which appear in these pages were provided by the Harare Hebrew Congregation to ZJC in 2004. To view the certificate click on the camera image and in your browser you should be able to click on the "enlarge icon" in the bottom right of the image. Please advise of any corrections to this email . Certificates are sorted by date. Thanks to David Gelfand for assisting in scanning and extracting the information. 
    Date Of Marriage Grooms Given Name Grooms Surname Brides Given Name Brides Surname Place of Marriage Image
    12/14/69 Michael John Barnett Daphne Ordman Salisbury Street Synagogue
    02/22/70 Allan Heyman Levin Margaret Wendy Sonnenberg Sha'are Sholem Synagogue
    04/05/70 Jacob Zehev Schulman Ruth Glynis Moretom Idlehurst Lane,Avondale, Salisbury
    06/14/70 Julius Chasen Marian  Rosen Sha'are Sholem Synagogue
    12/13/70 Solomon Raphael Kaplinski Arleen Leon The Harry Margolis Hall, Salisbury
    01/03/71 Maurice Israel Cohen Cecile Shalovsky Salisbury Street Synagogue
    01/10/71 Lionel Norman Ruben Rosetta Rosa Cramer Salisbury Street Synagogue
    08/01/71 Abram Schneider Rachel Goldis Salisbury Street Synagogue
    12/11/71 Ralph Hugh Phillips Sandra Ashra Iljon Salisbury Street Synagogue
    05/14/72 Ronald Jack Cohen Sharon Pesse Chimovitz Gatooma Park, Gatooma
    03/10/73 Edward Stephen Harris Janis Meltzer Salisbury Street Synagogue
    01/15/74 John Brian Bernstein Batia Wolla The Harry Margolis Hall, Salisbury
    12/09/73 Leonard Ivor Marks Marianne Weiner The Harry Margolis Hall, Salisbury
    03/03/74 Michael Henry Fisher Daphne Jacobson Sha'are Sholem Synagogue
    06/02/74 Angelo Apollonio Lorraine Estelle Mande Sha'are Sholem Synagogue
    06/30/74 Sidney Margolis Elaine Ruth Abramowitz Sha'are Sholem Synagogue
    08/18/74 Peter Roger Zimet Erica Waxman The Harry Margolis Hall, Salisbury
    01/19/75 Arnold Joel Conyer Marilyn Sandra Bloch The Harry Margolis Hall, Salisbury
    02/16/75 Alan Derek Browde Susan Jane Sanders 28,Cambridge Road, Avondale, Sby
    02/23/75 Michael Leon Nochomovitz Elizabeth Lasovsky The Harry Margolis Hall, Salisbury
    03/16/75 Avinadav Mamlok Barbara-Lee Malkow The Harry Margolis Hall, Salisbury
    08/17/75 Ashley Hilton Green Mari Lyn Levy The Harry Margolis Hall, Salisbury
    09/30/75 Egon Hans Kristeller Ruth Lewin 40, Lawson Ave, Salisbury
    12/07/75 Kenneth Bartholemew David Brown Sarah Hazel Benatar Salisbury
    12/14/75 John Michael Kuttner Vivienne Sandra Harris Salisbury
    01/24/76 Gabriel  Grunberger Tanya-Sandra Robinson Salisbury
    02/01/76 Brian Roy French Linda Janice Thal Salisbury
    04/04/76 Robert Benatar-Lewin Eve Joy Gordon Salisbury
    07/11/76 Isaac Kalvaria Vivien Katz Salisbury
    08/29/76 Ian Morrison Melamed Irene Almeleh Salisbury
    11/28/76 Dennis Scolnik Wendy Renee Friedlander Salisbury
    03/27/77 Abraham Beer Ruth Linda Isaacs Salisbury
    09/10/78 Yosef Blou Esther Leora Walters 53, Lawson Avenue, Salisbury
    11/19/78 Joseph Stanley Faktor Ruth Deborah Hatchuel Salisbury
    06/24/79 Hillel Brian Berger Evelyn Lorna Blacher Salisbury
    08/26/79 Boaz Yule Arch Colleen Elizabeth Oates Salisbury
    11/24/79 Samuel Howard Krikler Janine Beverley Treger Salisbury
    11/11/80 Michael Barry Sklar Glynnis Michelson Salisbury
    01/23/82 Nathan Hasson Natalie Karen Pitluk Salisbury
    12/12/82 Michael Blacher Cheryl Anne Brest Harare
    09/29/83 David Maurice Fox Martine Fay Pelham Harare
    02/02/86 Lionel Joshua Schwartz Suzanne Schur Harare
    10/18/87 David Victor Hodes Gillian Rose Brest Harare Synagogue
    11/15/87 Peter Alan Tempkins Barbara Joan Odes Harare Synagogue
    05/26/88 Solomon Mark Levy Lindy Michelle Abraham 67 Second Street, Harare
    04/11/89 Dror Zion Melanie Ethne Harris 67 Second Street, Harare
    08/20/89 Eric Farhangi Luana Nicole Benatar 3, Natal Road, Avondale, Harare
    11/16/89 Giorgio D'Angeli Lara Darianne Pollack 71 Olwyn Avenue, Harare
    02/04/90 Mervyn Ian Ellis Margot Ruth Beigelson 95 Greendale Avenue, Harare
    03/28/90 William Edward Rider Deborah Florence Baldachin Harare
    06/03/90 Mark Jeremy Kaplan Gavriella Georgopoulos 194 Baines Avenue, Harare
    09/06/92 Alon Goldsmith Leanne Jedeikin Harare
    01/24/93 Ivor Pack Aureen Zieve Harare
    08/24/97 Reuben Moss Hada Hadasa Foreman Harare Hebrew Synagogue
    12/19/99 Mark Steinberg Amanda Michelle Burke Harare Hebrew Synagogue



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