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    The copies of the marriage certificates which appear in these pages were provided by the Harare Hebrew Congregation to ZJC in 2004. To view the certificate click on the camera image and in your browser you should be able to click on the "enlarge icon" in the bottom right of the image. Please advise of any corrections to this email . Certificates are sorted by date. Thanks to David Gelfand for assisting in scanning and extracting the information. 
    1st September 1935 Solly Joffe Dora Klug Salisbury Street Synagogue
    8th September 1935 David Lewis Sophie Edna Meller Salisbury Street Synagogue
    10th November 1935 Louis Rossen Stella Friedland Salisbury Street Synagogue
    2nd February 1936 Israel Mark Baron Bella Passov Salisbury Street  Synagogue
    16th February 1936 Solomon Feinberg Alice Florence Atwell Salisbury Street Synagogue
    23rd February 1936 Emmanuel Steinberg Lily Lewis Salisbury Street Synagogue
    1st March 1936 Isaac Melamed Lily Cohen Salisbury Street Synagogue
    24th May 1936 Leon Bloom Sarah Lidsky Salisbury Street Synagogue
    7th June 1936 Marcel Perlmutter Polly Alick Salisbury Street Synagogue
    28th June 1936 Barnett Kaplan Sadie Koval Salisbury Street Synagogue
    25th July 1936 Aaron Marock Elfreda Lewen Gwelo Synagogue
    5th July 1936 Mark Mande Sarah Wineberg Salisbury Street Synagogue
    18th October 1936 Alexander Lidsky Sophie  Nankin Salisbury Street Synagogue
    24th January 1937 Herbert David Schaffer Charlotte Smith Salisbury Street Synagogue
    21st February 1937 Sydney Isaac Bloom Jennie Rabinowitz Gwelo Synagogue
    11th April 1937 Basil Hyman Sadie Chimovitz Gatooma, Specks Hotel
    20th June 1937 Max Pokroy Elaine Mildred Levi Gatooma, Specks Hotel
    24th June 1937 Richard Falk Ada Rossen Salisbury Street Synagogue
    7th Agust 1937 Louis Sanders Anne Nell Salisbury Street Synagogue
    3rd April 1938 Ralph Schattil Rachel Ruth Zeidman Salisbury StreetSynagogue
    1st May 1938 Herbert Mayor Lassman Irene Graham Salisbury Street Synagogue
    22nd January 1939 Seymour Robert Levinson Minnie Bloom Salisbury StreetSynagogue
    25th June 1939 John Pelham Santa Eroz 132, Fife Avenue, Salisbury
    6th August 1939 Leslie Newman Lily Levy Salisbury Street Synagogue
    3rd November 1939 William Baeck Celia Stoljar Salisbury Street Synagogue
    5th November 1939 Meyer Kopenhager Ethel Pearl Klaff Salisbury Street Synagogue
    11th February 1940 Max Margolis Sonia Spitz Salisbury Street Synagogue
    22nd February 1940 Arthur Leonard Magid Vera Rachel Bergmann Salisbury Street Synagogue
    25th February 1940 Philip Baron Tania Greenberg Salisbury Street Synagogue
    8th May 1940 Matyas Garwen Anne Cohen Salisbury Street Synagogue
    25th June 1940 Ralph Ernest Glickman Sarah Gruber Salisbury Street Synagogue
    5th July 1940 Stanley Alexander Jones Miriam Helen Paul Salisbury Street Synagogue
    7th July 1940 Max Sadowitz Margareta Frank Salisbury Street Synagogue
    7th July 1940 Hyman Lionel Stern Anne Bersin Salisbury Street Synagogue
    9th July 1940 Jack Lessem Susanna Pauline De Haas Salisbury Street Synagogue
    21st July 1940 Solomon Harold First Pearl Klug Salisbury Street Synagogue
    29th March 1941 Louis Udwin Bertha Sanders Salisbury Street Synagogue
    10th April 1941 Manfred Valentin Erbman Celia Anolick Salisbury Street Synagogue
    9th June 1941 Herbert Ritchken Monica Ella Lover Salisbury Street Synagogue
    6th July 1941 Michael Gordon Frances Rose Jacobson Salisbury Street Synagogue
    11th July 1941 Nicolas Timms Jane Zelda Salomon Salisbury Street Synagogue
    5th October 1941 Nathan Ordman Minnie Anolick Salisbury Street Synagogue
    26th October 1941 Adolf Bloch Hilda Dahmer Salisbury Street Synagogue
    14th November 1941 Marco Benatar Freda Mary Sklar Salisbury Street Synagogue


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