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Kwe Kwe Cemetery
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    Kwe Kwe (Que Que) Cemetery

    Click on camera where photo of tombstone is available. Your browser may reduce the size of the picture automatically and then you can click on the photo's bottom right corner to enlarge. Please write to ZJC if you want a higher resolution photo.

    Source: Jonah Sherman and Peter Sternberg. Photos by Benny Leon of Harare - Updated 5/2/09.

    Surname First Name Date of Burial Date of Birth Grave No. Description Photo 
    Ashkenazi Bronia 19760801
    Char Isador 19360912 1884c 493 no tombstone
    Chimowitz Louis Elias 19340327 1881c 414
    Chimowitz May 19200525 1914c 180 no tombstone
    Es So Marke

    D Never Had

    Tombstones Erected

    # Grav re never defined
    Faierman Judith 19881214
    Ferera (Baby Of Jack Ferera) 19380827 568 Stillborn; no tombstone
    Ferera Rosemary 19390718 193903c 595 no tombstone
    Friendl Harry 19111003 191104c 25 no tombstone
    Guttman Fritz 19421020 1908c 703
    Hasson (Infant Daughter Of R. Hasson) 19250501 19250319c 247 no tombstone
    Hatchuel Salomon 19610105
    Hoffman Lezar 19220206 1845c 200 no tombstone
    Hossy Mark Rowland 19541224 195409c 1007 no tombstone
    Kab Hyman Aaron 19241017 1893c 236
    Lazar Joseph 1986
    Leon Jacob 19610705 1939c 1235
    Leon Jack
    Malkow (Baby) 19480219 817 Stillborn; no tombstone
    Paul Annie 19540714 1881
    Pogrund Bertie (F) 19361025 193606c 498 no tombstone
    Rest Jack 19600307
    Rick Isaac 19770628
    Samson Ida 19680323 1914
    Schattil Gertrude 19622110
    Sloman Reuben 19730410
    Teperson Salome 19600617
    Teperson Shane 19720623
    Teperson (Baby) 19441026 684 lived 30 min.; no tombstone




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