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ZJC Project Presentation
In this video Dave Bloom describes in a webinar conference called Community History Online (CHOL) held 11th August 2021, the work done to preserve the story of the ZJC.. Learn More...

A brief history of the ZJC
Watch this recording of a presentation given to a Synagogue in Toronto on 1st August 2021 - on the history of the Zimbabwe and Zambian Jewish Communities.. Learn More...

Geolocation of ZJC homes in Harare and Bulawayo
A new project has been launched to map the homes of former ZJC homes in Harare and Bulawayo. Please use the link on the page to an online form to add your own details.. Learn More...

Latest Warren Hills tombstones - 28th June 2021
See images of the latest Warren Hills tombstones and members of the HHC at the consecration.. Learn More...

ZJC Reunion 13th June 2021
Over 300 people registered for the Ndaba and you can see a full recording of the event on this page.. Learn More...

An African Trading Empire
Dec 13 2019 - A new page on the site with text from the first chapter of this fascinating book recording the story of the Susman brothers and Wulfsohn who created a farming and commercial empire in Southern Africa.. Learn More...

Additional Ketuboth added
December 2016 - ZJC has gratefully received from Colin Gordon some missing Ketuboth from the period 1956-1959 which have now been added to the website. . Learn More...

Audio Visual biographies
December 2016 - ZJC is pleased to publish a number of audio visual biographies of former members of the community.. Learn More...

Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation committees
July 6, 2016 - We have added two comprehensive documents prepared by David Gelfand and listing a) the numerous committees of the Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation going back to 1923. b) a list of all the Presidents of the Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation going back to 1894.. Learn More...

Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation - full copy
June 2016 - Pleased to advise that Paul Bernstein has scanned the full Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation Centenary magazine published in 1994. It is now available on the ZJC website. Many many thanks to Paul for all his efforts and contribution in digitizing this material and preserving it for us all. There is a summary of the contents of each section. See the material here.. Learn More...

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Zimbabwe Jewish Community (ZJC) Website Project  

How and where will your donations be used ?

As mentioned in other pages on this website this project is mainly being produced by volunteers

The project has many future plans (click here to read planned list) which will require some modest funding to pay for direct costs and they are expected to be 

  1. Payment for obtaining material from professional archives. Most of these organisations charge for releasing material especially for publication on web sites

  2. Photography, copying photos and video of various important sites in Zimbabwe including tombstones, community centres, schools and other resources

  3. This project is liaising with remnants of the Jewish Community of Zimbabwe to identify specific projects which need funding including support for the old age homes in Harare and Bulawayo and special welfare requirements.

  4. Any direct costs in managing and supporting the website (hosting, programming, graphics etc..). These will be kept to a minimum and most of the work will be done voluntarily

  5. The project welcomes any suggestions for any useful projects

Fund Management

The funds collected will be held in a special account under the control of the Southern African Zionist Federation (Israel) - Telfed whose offices are at 19, Schwartz St. Raanana, Israel. Telfed has been operating since 1948 and has many trusts and funds, audited and under its well-respected management

A committee of former Zimbabweans in Israel will be responsible for allocating funds based on the above guidelines

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