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Project Background
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Additional Ketuboth added
December 2016 - ZJC has gratefully received from Colin Gordon some missing Ketuboth from the period 1956-1959 which have now been added to the website. . Learn More...

Audio Visual biographies
December 2016 - ZJC is pleased to publish a number of audio visual biographies of former members of the community.. Learn More...

Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation committees
July 6, 2016 - We have added two comprehensive documents prepared by David Gelfand and listing a) the numerous committees of the Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation going back to 1923. b) a list of all the Presidents of the Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation going back to 1894.. Learn More...

Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation - full copy
June 2016 - Pleased to advise that Paul Bernstein has scanned the full Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation Centenary magazine published in 1994. It is now available on the ZJC website. Many many thanks to Paul for all his efforts and contribution in digitizing this material and preserving it for us all. There is a summary of the contents of each section. See the material here.. Learn More...

History of the Harare (Salisbury) Synagogues
April 2016 - David Gelfand has updated an extensive document on the history of the Jewish Communities of Harare (Salisbury) with details of Rabbis and committee members over the years. Now includes pictures of Shul Presidents and a section on the Union of Jewish Women.. Learn More...

FaceBook Group for ZJC
June 2016 - Join over 1,300 friends on the Zim Jewish Community Facebook group and share your memories, photos, video clips and other material of common interest to the ZJC. The email newsletter is no longer active (but used from time to time as appropriate).. Learn More...

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Project Background

This web site has been in the making for a couple of years and aims to provide a repository of community stories, biographies, pictures and records for people interested in the history of the community which at its peak in the late 1960s numbered some 7,000 souls. At the launch of the site in June 2004 there are less than 350 Jews in Zimbabwe. 

The project has been initiated by Dave Bloom who was born and brought up in the Jewish Community of Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). Dave has consulted with a  a small committee of ex-Zimbabweans including Stan Harris, Nick Alhadeff, Marvyn Hatchuel and Jack Trappler.   Dave is responsible for the domain, design, content and editing of the website. The main website banner was created by Liat Bloom . The basic website software infrastructure, programming and hosting has been provided by Exsys Ltd.

They need you to help create and maintain this web site but this project will not necessarily be limited to a web-style and other mediums are planned (CD and printed versions will be considered). References to Zimbabweans refer to people of Jewish descent from Southern Rhodesia, Rhodesia and Zimbabwe. Additional material has been added on Northern Rhodesia, Zambia.

Please note that the current contents of this version are not final and need constant verification and cross-referencing. Your input is critical in telling the story accurately and ensuring records are maintained. 

Thanks to Barry Mann of El Paso , Texas for his advice in the initial design of the site. You can see Barry's site on Witbank at www.barrymann.net  Please also refer to the Southern African Genealogical  website for other related resources.

We welcome your input for this project....any suggestions, ideas or material - please send to Dave Bloom

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Belvedere Jewish Boxing Team, Harare (Salisbury), 1939

(source: World Jewish Congress)


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