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    Picture and documents on Sharon School
    Oct 2014 - a large scrapbook of pictures and documents recording the early days of Sharon School in Harare through to the 1980s.. Learn More...

    History of Harare (Salisbury) Synagogues
    Sept 2014 - David Gelfand has produced a 225-page document on the history of the Jewish Communities of Harare (Salisbury) with details of Rabbis and committee members over the years.. Learn More...

    History of Bulawayo Jewish Community buildings
    March 2014 - Two documents added describing the history of the Jewish Community buildings and a copy of the Parkview Sports Club Silver Jubilee in 1961. Learn More...

    Update to Warren Hills Jewish Cemetery, Harare
    October,14 2013 - An album of 28 pictures with updates on recently laid tombstones and general scenes. Photographs by Mark Naim.. Learn More...

    Salisbury Hebrew School - 1960s
    Hand written reports by Mr Mordechai Harary as HeadMaster of the school.. Learn More...

    Additional gravestones - Bulawayo Cemetery
    June 2013 - The images of over 110 gravestones have been added to the Bulawayo Cemetery section of the website. Thanks to Vicky Kaufman for the photography. . Learn More...

    New FaceBook Group for ZJC
    June 2013 - Join the 760 friends on the Zim Jewish Community Facebook group and share your memories, photos, video clips and other material of common interest to the ZJC. The email newsletter is no longer active (but used from time to time as appropriate).. Learn More...

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    Recording the history of the Zimbabwe and Zambian Jewish Communities 

    This web site aims to celebrate over 114 years of Jewish Communities in Zimbabwe and Zambia and help record the history and details of a unique period for the benefit of both current and future generations. From a peak of some 7,500 Jews in the early 1970s - the total Zimbabwe Jewish community in 2008 is approximately 200 souls (from 294 in 2005). This is the story of once vibrant communities that settled for many different reasons in what was originally Rhodesia - later to become Zimbabwe as well as Northern Rhodesia - later to become Zambia. Time however, is of the essence as the numbers of those that can "tell the story" and the remaining community dwindle.  

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    Much research, collecting and digitising of community documents and photos will be undertaken and enough material is planned to keep the site constantly changing for years to come. 


    You are invited to browse around the site via the menus at the top and left-hand side of this page. Try the "quick jump" feature on the left of this page or have a look at the site map (see link at bottom of each page) to get an idea of the full underlying layout of the site.  Register in the Guestbook and most importantly, if YOU have material to contribute, let us know.

    The initial tasks will be to collect data on the Jewish cemeteries in Zimbabwe, marriage records, synagogue records and other community records. It is also intended to have every Tombstone photographed, in all the Cemeteries of Harare, Bulawayo and the smaller towns. Much of the other work will be done voluntarily. Donations and contributions of material from interested people to help both fund the cost of these activities and enrich the content for the benefit of future generations are most welcome.

    This site aims to become the central repository of digitised archives for the Zimbabwe Jewish Community for genealogical and other research. 

    • Some modest resources will initially be required to cover the costs of photographers and persons to assist in collating community records.  Details on how to contribute will be provided shortly. The logistics involved in collecting data will not be easy given the current situation in Zimbabwe.
    • If you can help please contact us by email Dave Bloom or fax 972 9 7666387

     This is an evolving project which will require constant changes, corrections and improvements on accuracy.  Your constructive feedback and assistance would be most appreciated.


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